Dive Pro internship and courses in South East Asia

Either you a Gap Year student and looking to experience a Dive Professional internship during your backpack trip, want to have your lifestyle change or a new underwater career. IF You love Scuba Diving and ocean, we will help you to get Your New Dive Professional level!
We are offering following levels of training:
SSI Dive Guide
SSI Dive Master
SSI Dive control specialist
Please inquiry about PADI material prices and availability
You can choose if You want to have a short intensive course, or 3 months full Dive Pro internship.
We can teach our students in English, German and Chinese and can provide pro level study materials in 11 more languages.
Your new scuba career will start in the friendly and professional atmosphere, with the highly rated team of Instructors and Divemasters who are eager to share their unique professional knowledge.
To participate in any of the Scuba Diving Professional courses participants must have a current CPR training, Deep Diving and Diver Stress and Rescue specialties.
For packages and details email to Nha Trang Fun Divers

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