Nha Trang Jet Ski Tour & ®Flyboard

Jet Ski Safari Vietnam

Flyboard Nha Trang Jet Ski Tours offer unforgettable adventure in an unforgettable location.  Riding on your own jet ski, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced and friendly instructor, who will guide and lead you around the waterways of Vietnam and some special Islands depending on Tour.

Cruising around some of the outer waters, you will pass some beautiful islands of Nha Trang’s Bay and have the opportunity to see local People living and working on Sea. Stop on an Island will be part of the Tour, depending on the season we  will snorkel and swim at Nha Trang’s Marine Park Mun Island or visit Monkey Island for the beach  stop .

The pricing for the tour  Is per Get Ski and the offer is god for two adults .

We Will Grant you a private trip , Flexible booking and 10 % off for booking two Jets or more

Tour Availability is Tuesday and Thursday

Please contact us in advance, we have a limited number of Sea DooS and booked for a few next days

195 USD per Jet  Ski


Seen Flyboarding? Try it now in Vietnam! One of the newest and greatest attractions to hit Nha Trang. Our friendly Flyboard Nha Trang staff will give you all the helpful tips you need to become a pro, flyboarding combines an array of popular sports including Jet Skiing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding and even acrobatic diving.

A five minutes of on-water flight for those who just want to try and not commit to anything more. Including additional instruction.

Pricing : 600.000 VND – 5 min

Pricing : 950.000 VND – 10 min

Pricing : 1.800.000 VND – 20 min



Contact us for booking or more Information on Jet Ski tour in Nha Trang .